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Page Builder not Loading on Homepage after activating PowerPack

If you are experiencing this issue where Page Builder stops loading on Homepage after activating the PowerPack, then please try the following troubleshooting tips:

Check PHP Memory Limit

PowerPack is built for performance and works on 64MB PHP Memory as well. But, in case your site has limited resources or more plugins, it can cause problems. So, the fix is to increase the PHP Memory Limit. You can follow this guide to increase the PHP Memory.

Check PHP Version

Check the PHP version of the site. Make sure that the PHP version is at least 5.6 or above. PowerPack works on all the PHP versions starting from v5.6 and above.

Re-Save Permalinks Structure

Check if resaving the Permalinks resolves the issue. Re-save the Permalinks by heading over to WP Admin >> Settings >> Permalinks >> Save Changes.

Create a New Page with PowerPack Modules

Create a new page on the site, add some PowerPack Modules to it and save it. Now, set the page as Homepage. Finally, check if the issue is resolved?

Deactivate PowerPack & Save the Page as Template

  1. Deactivate the PowerPack Plugin
  2. Open the homepage in Beaver Builder
  3. Save the homepage as a template
  4. Create a new page and add the recently saved template.
  5. Publish the Page.
  6. Now, set that new page as the home page
  7. Activate the PowerPack Plugin.

After following the above steps, check if you’re able to use Beaver Builder on the homepage?

Enable zlib Compression in cPanel

If all the above troubleshooting steps did not work and you are still unable to use the Beaver Builder on the homepage, then consider enabling zlib Compression from your cPanel.

You can also contact your web host for enabling zlib Compression.

If all the steps do not work, then please contact us. We will be happy to help in resolving the issue.