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How to Customize Search Form Input Attributes?

pp_search_form_input_attrs hook can be used to filter the Input Attributes for PowerPack Search Form.


$attrs – an ARRAY containing a key-value pair of all the attributes required for a Search Form.

$attrs = array(
         'placeholder'	=> $this->settings->placeholder,
         'class' 	=> array( 'pp-search-form__input' ),
         'type' 	=> 'search',
         'name' 	=> 's',
         'title' 	=> __( 'Search', 'bb-powerpack' ),
         'value'        => get_search_query(),

$settings – an OBJECT containing all the settings for the Search Form module instance.


These can be filtered by adding a custom filter in the theme’s functions.php file as shown below.


   add_filter( 'pp_search_form_input_attrs', 'my_function_modify_pp_search', 10, 2 );

   function my_function_modify_pp_search( $attrs, $settings ) {
       $attrs['placeholder'] = 'My Search';
       return $attrs;

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