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How to add Logo to Full Screen Advanced Menu?

Logo’s are the identity of the brand and it becomes really important to properly display them on the website. PowerPack’s Advanced Menu provides an option to add the logo to it via using the WordPress Hooks.

Follow the following steps to add the logo to Fullscreen Advanced Menu on your site:-

1. Add an ID to the Advanced Menu via the Menu’s Advanced Tab.

Advanced Menu - Fullscreen Menu ID


2. Copy and paste the code from the following gist to your theme’s functions.php file.

3. Once copied update the code with the following data :

  • Menu ID: Add the Menu ID defined in the first step in line 5
  • Logo File URL: Add the link to the logo file in line 12
  • Logo Link URL: Add the link you want to add to the logo in line 11

4. Now add the CSS from the following gist into the Beaver Builder’s Global CSS editor and edit it as per your requirements.

Advanced Menu - Fullscreen Menu CSS

Save the changes and the logo should now be visible in the Fullscreen Menu.

Logo in Fullscreen Menu Type

Logo in Full Screen Type Menu

Click here to check the complete demo of PowerPack’s Advanced Menu.

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