Maintenance Mode and Coming Soon
For Beaver Builder

Set your website built with beaver builder to maintenance or coming soon mode easily with the PowerPack’s Maintenance mode and coming soon feature. Now you don’t have to leave your visitors stranded without any explanation while you are fixing your website or performing regular updates. Let them know when you will be back with style!

Limitless Design Options

With the Beaver Builder, you can design any page you want and can make your maintenance or coming soon page match your website’s style. Once you have designed the page with the builder, just go ahead and assign it in the PowerPack settings and that is it. Your website will be set to the mode (maintenance/coming soon) automatically.
You can even use a maintenance mode or coming soon template from our huge library of pre-designed templates.


Clear Instructions for Web Crawlers

With the Maintenance mode, the website returns the HTTP 503 code. This tells the web crawlers that the website is under maintenance and they should return after a short period of time. On the other hand, for the Coming soon mode, HTTP 200 code is returned, that means the website is ready to be indexed. This feature makes sure that while you are working on the website, there is no negative signal returned to the web crawlers.

Simple Yet Powerful Controls

All the changes you want to make regarding the maintenance mode, you can make from a single area. From the WP Admin > Settings > PowerPack settings, you can enable disable the mode and can make other changes accordingly.


Users Access Control

Not just the visitors and web crawlers, you can restrict the website’s access from the registered users as well. If you want to restrict access from a specific user role, you can do it. Just go to the settings and select the “Who can access” to custom and choose the users who should have access to the website. The remaining users will not be able to access the website.

Include/Exclude URL

What if you do not want to block access to a page or a couple of pages? No worries, you can do that using the Include/Exclude options in the Maintenance mode settings. If you want to leave out some pages, you can do that just by adding the pages or entire categories and they will keep working as usual.


Whitelist IPs

What to make sure some machines absolutely have access to the website at all times? Simple, just add their IPs and they will be whitelisted. They can access the website even when the website is in the maintenance mode or in coming soon mode.

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