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How to set Category Images for the Category Grid?

Category Grid adds a neat option in PowerPack to display taxonomies (categories and tags) of Posts and Products added on the site. It also adds an additional option to add Category Image to the Categories which is not available by default in WordPress.

Here’s How to add the Category Images to the Categories:-

1. Open the PowerPack settings page and go to the Extensions Tab.

2. Now enable the Taxonomy Thumbnail option for the taxonomies you want to the thumbnail too.

3. Now go to the WordPress Dashboard > Posts > Categories and click edit.

4. In the Category settings, you’ll see a new option Featured Image. Click upload to select and add the image from WordPress’s Media uploader.

5. Click update and repeat the steps for each category and sub-category.

6. Now add the Category Grid module to the page. All the categories will load with their respective featured images.