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How to Setup Off Canvas Menu with Advanced Menu Module?

Here are the steps to set up an Off Canvas Menu with the help of the Advanced Menu module.

Step 1: Drag and drop an Advanced Menu from the panel.

PowerPack Beaver Builder menu
Advanced Menu

Step 2: In the General tab > Responsive section, change the Menu Type to Off Canvas.

Advanced Menu - off-canvas
Advanced Menu – off-canvas

Step 3: Choose the Off Canvas Direction and the Responsive Breakpoint. This will decide for which devices the off-canvas menu will work.

Step 4: Set the desired background color in the Responsive tab. You can style your menu links in the Style tab.

Advanced Menu - Off-canvas Style
Advanced Menu – Off-canvas Style

Step 5: You can also customize the close button size and color under the Responsive tab.

Advanced Menu - Close icon style
Advanced Menu – Close icon style


Click here to view the demo of the Off-Canvas Menu

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