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How to open/target Specific Tab Item with URL?

Opening a specific Advanced Tab with a link anywhere on the website can be easily done.

For, this we need to define a prefix that will be applied to the ID attribute of tabs in HTML. For example, Prefix “mytab” will be applied as “mytab-1”, “mytab-2” in ID attribute of Tab 1 and Tab 2 respectively. It should only contain dashes, underscores, letters or numbers but no spaces.

Ho to do it?

Step 1: Open the Advanced Tabs module settings and go to the style tab.

Step 2: Under the general sub-section, add the Custom ID Prefix. Here, it is going to be mytabs.

Step 3: Click on the save button to save the changes.

Step 4: Go to the button and enter the link as : [website address]/[page]/#[prefix]-[1,2,3,4]

The prefix is same as of the one you set on the advanced tabs settings’ Custom ID Prefix and the number following the “-” refers to the tabs starting from 1.

For example, the link for the advanced tab on the demo page’s second tab will be:

Step 5: Save the button and you are done!


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