Modal Box

The first ever and most powerful Modal Popup Box module for Beaver Builder.
Create custom content, image, video, form, template popup boxes  with various trigger options - auto-load, on-click and exit intent. 

Powerful Features of Modal Popup Box Module

Exit Intent Popups

Exit Intent Popups are one of the highest converting popups. Modal Popup Box module's intelligent exit intent technique allows you to re-engage your visitors. It displays a popup at a time when your visitors are about to leave the site. You can use this popup technique to generate more leads by offering free downloads, discounts or displaying some other call to action. 

2-Step Popups

Visitors can be better engaged by creating actionable links, images and buttons in the content. Those visitors who take the action to click and get access to content tend to convert better. Hence, 2-step popups have gained huge success. You can use this method to generate more leads by offering downloadable files, discount codes or redirecting the user to a sales funnel. 

Time Delayed Popups

When users spend time on your site it's a green signal that you have engaging content. This can be further leveraged by creating time triggered popups. Timer based popups allow you to display message after desired duration. A popup triggered at correct moment can help you increase your conversions. This powerful lead generation technique is used by leading blogs and websites. 

Flexible Design & Animations

Popups with beautiful design tends to convert more. Modal Popup Box module allows you to have complete control over the content and styling. You can build professional popup designs without having to rely on 3rd party plugins. Along with the design, you can also select entrance and exit animations for the popup so as to grab visitor's attention.