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How to set up PowerPack’s Instagram Feed module with Beaver Builder?

PowerPack Beaver Addons Instagram Feed allows you to fetch the Instagram photos from your Instagram account and show it on your website/blog.

To make the module work, you will need to mainly make sure of three things- User ID, Access Key, & Client ID.

Let’s take each one individually and understand where to find that.

User ID

To get the User ID, go to this Link and enter your Instagram Username. Click the blue “Find Instagram ID” button. Copy the User ID from the results.

Client ID

To get your client ID, follow the steps –

  • Login to Instagram (if you haven’t already) and go to http://instagram.com/developer.
  • Click on “Manage Clients” in the top right corner & click on “Register a New Client”.
  • Enter the respective data there.
  • In the Valid redirect URIs field, enter https://wpbeaveraddons.com/instagram-access-token/ and press “Enter” to confirm
  • Click on the register button get your Client ID.

Disable implicit OAuth

Click the “Manage” button on the application that you have set up.

Go to the “Security” tab and uncheck the Disable implicit OAuth option.

Access Token

To get the Access token, copy the Client ID generated in the above step. Now, click here to launch our access token generator and paste the client ID.

Once you have all these three things, you can jump to bringing the module in use. To use the module, launch the Beaver Builder editor and drag and drop the module on the page.

Content Tab

Here is where the Instagram ID, Client ID, and Access Token will come in use. Enter the data in the respective fields. You can change the image count, resolution, layout, etc. You can also choose to display likes, comments, Instagram link to profiles from this section via simple toggle switches.

Style Tab

Style Tab allows you to change how your Instagram widget looks. You can make alterations to the image such as grayscale, overlay, and background. Changes to the feed title are also possible with this tab such as border, typography, background, text, etc.

Check out the demo of Instagram feeds here.

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