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How to Setup Filter/Photo Groups?

PowerPack’s Filterable Gallery provides a very convenient way of organizing photos into groups. These photos can also be filtered based on the photo groups they are in.

Filterable Gallery - Demo

Filterable Gallery – Demo

It is very easy to set up Photo Groups.

  1. Go the Photo Tab and click Edit/Add Photo Group option.

    PowerPack Filterable Gallery - Photo Tab

    Filterable Gallery – Photo Tab

  2. Add Filter Label name. This name will be displayed on the photo filters above the gallery.

    PowerPack Filterable Gallery - Add Filter

    Filterable Gallery – Add Filter

  3. Add Photos to the Photo Group and click Save.
  4. Repeat the steps 1 to 3 to add as many Photo Groups as you want.

After adding the Photo Groups use the Style Tab to style the Gallery and Filters.

Click here to check the complete demo of PowerPack’s Filterable Gallery.