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How to Set-Up Dual Pricing?

PowerPack’s Pricing Table is packed with very powerful features like Dual Pricing. Dual Pricing enables you to display pricing based on certain criteria such as Monthly/Yearly Pricing etc.

Pricing Table for Beaver Builder - Demo

You can enable Dual Pricing under the settings tab at General > Enable Dual Pricing > Yes.

How to Enable Dual Pricing


Once you’ve enabled it you will get multiple options to edit Dual Pricing Options. First one is of editing/styling Dual Pricing Button.

Pricing Table - Dual Pricing Button Settings

Dual Pricing Button editing/styling section provides options to:

  • Change names of Pricing Parameters
  • Set buttons color, font, border, etc.

The second option is added inside Package editor which is to add the price amounts based on Price Parameters set under the General Tab.

Pricing Table - Edit Package

For more design references check the complete demo of PowerPack Pricing Table here.