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Instagram Feed not Working

Last year, Instagram introduced some changes to their API usage policies due to which we were no longer able to create authentication tokens and use them for displaying Instagram Feed via PowerPack Modules. 

As an alternative to this, we updated PowerPack’s Instagram Feed to use a web scraping approach to fetch photos from public profiles from which has worked seamlessly with only limitation of being able to fetch 12 pictures at the most. 

Recently Instagram has once again made changes to its policies making it mandatory in some regions for users to be logged in to to view images even for public profiles. This has caused the PowerPack’s Instagram Feed to break since it is no longer able to access the photos from Instagram.

The issue at present is not visible in every region but we believe that the policies for all the regions might change in the near future. Hence, going forward due to strict security measures and policies of Instagram we have decided to end support for Instagram Feed.

We’ll continue shipping Instagram Feed modules with PowerPack till it is working but for those who are facing issues with it, we suggest switching over to SmashBalloon’s Instagram Feed

Why do other solutions work? 

Solutions like SmashBalloon and Elfsight work because these apps connect to your Instagram Feed via an authentication process and can access the required data. However, in our case, it’s not feasible for us to build an Instagram App for a single module and provide this functionality at the moment.

Our developers are keeping a track of the issue and when it’ll be possible for us to fix the feed we’ll definitely do it. Till then we are sorry for any inconvenience. If you have any questions then you can contact us at We’ll be happy to answer them.

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