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How to Create Custom Footer Layout with PowerPack & Beaver Builder

Footers are a one-stop place to show quick access content to the users these days. Until now creating a footer with Beaver Builder required  the use of Beaver Themer but with PowerPack’s Header/Footer option, you can add a custom Footer to the site in few simple steps.

1. Add a new page named taxonomically Footer(for easy identification) and start editing it using Beaver Builder

2. Once in the editor, you have two options to design a Footer:

  1. Design a new Footer from the scratch using Beaver Builder
  2. or use the PowerPack’s pre-built Footer Templates to add a professionally designed Footer layout to the page easily.

3. Once done with the designing publish the page.

4. Now go to the WP Dashboard > Settings > PowerPack > Header/Footer > Set the page we just created as Header.

5. Click save. The Footer will appear on the entire site.


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