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How to use Content Filters in Content Grid with URL

Using content filters and opening a specific grid can be easily done with the URLs. For this, you merely need to add the following text after the link of the page – “#” + “category or tag slug“.

Let’s say, if the content filter is set to categories, you will have to add the category slug.

Note: You can find the category slug by going to WP admin > Posts > Categories. Simply select the slug to see its name, slug, parent category, etc.

So in the above case, if I want to link the content, I will just add the category slug in front of the link. So the link to our demo page will be. “https://wpbeaveraddons.com/demo/content-grid/#account-information“.

and so will be for,

Beaver Builder category – “https://wpbeaveraddons.com/demo/content-grid/#beaver-builder“.

Beaver Themer category – “https://wpbeaveraddons.com/demo/content-grid/#beaver-themer“.

Check out the Demo of Content Grid here.

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