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PowerPack Update: New Twitter Modules, Header & Footer Templates!

By Puneet · May 3, 2018

Today, I am excited to announce a new set of Beaver Builder Modules and Templates with PowerPack – The Best Beaver Builder Addon!With this release, we are introducing Twitter Modules for Beaver Builder and a set of Header/Footer templates. These new additions take PowerPack to the next level. I can proudly say that it’s undoubtedly…

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Create a Food & Drinks Menu with Beaver Builder

By Yashwardhan Rana · March 28, 2018

Do you build or manage websites for Restaurants & Cafes? Or do you run a Restaurant/Cafe website yourself? You must have felt the need of listing your Food & Drinks Menu on your website. Not to mention, it also requires frequent updates for some special offers or new additions. Having a simple page which will…

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Introducing Facebook Modules: Blend Your Website With Facebook Easily!

By Yashwardhan Rana · March 22, 2018

Have you ever wanted to integrate Facebook with your website and give your users direct control over commenting and viewing a page from their facebook account without being redirected to Facebook? This is all possible now with the PowerPack’s latest update: Facebook Modules. With this update, we have come up with 4 new modules which…

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PowerPack Update: 10+ New Stunning Coming Soon Templates

By Yashwardhan Rana · March 9, 2018

The PowerPack Template Library is evergrowing, and this time I am delighted to announce that we have added 11 new Coming Soon Templatesto the PowerPack Templates library. Telling someone to wait without letting them down can be a little tricky. But now with the PowerPack’s new Coming Soon templates you can do it without any…

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Introducing Instagram Feed Module: Now Display Your Instagram Posts Magnificently!

By Yashwardhan Rana · February 28, 2018

I am happy to introduce our latest moduleto the PowerPack Family: Instagram Feed!Now you can display the social shares and your posts on Instagram on your website/blog as well with this awesome module! This module allows you to connect to your Instagram Account and show your Instagram activities wherever you want on the website. It…

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Introducing New Mobile App Landing Template in the PowerPack Library

By Yashwardhan Rana · February 7, 2018

Planning on launching your own Mobile App? Do it with the brand new PowerPack’s Mobile App Landing template. This template is part of our PowerPack Addon for Beaver Builder which comes with more than 250 other impressive templates and 50+ creative modules. Presenting the PowerPack Template Presentation matters, especially when you are coming up with…

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Design a High Converting WooCommerce Checkout Page with Beaver Builder

By Yashwardhan Rana · February 1, 2018

Do you know that on anaverage27% of US online shoppers have abandoned an order in the past quarter solely due to too long/complicated checkout process? (source: Baymard Institute) It means that out of every four customers, there is a possibility that you might be losing out on one, just because of a tediousand boring checkout…

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Introducing Post Timeline Module: Magnificently Display your Posts in Timelines

By Yashwardhan Rana · December 22, 2017

Today, I am excited to announce a new addition to the PowerPack Modules Library: The Post Timeline Module. Now, display your blogs and posts linearly and stylishly in chronological order as well as by many other sorting options. Take full power of displaying your blogs with this module and redefine the look of your blog…

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Welcoming New Adventure Travel Template in the PowerPack Library

By Yashwardhan Rana · November 30, 2017

For all the Adventure Lovers out there who are running their travel agencies, we have added an Adventure Travel Template especially for you! This template is available with our PowerPack Beaver Addon. If you don’t have PowerPack, get it now. Presenting the PowerPack Template Don’t you think that your adventure travel agency website, whether it…

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Introducing Image Carousel : Display for your Images in a Magnificent Way

By Yashwardhan Rana · November 29, 2017

Today I am elated to announce the launchof an impressive Module: Image Carousel. Now you can start creating stunning images display with this remarkable module and elegantly show your work. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Indeed… But it’s worth increases significantly if it is displayed in the right manner and that is what…

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