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How to add Particle Effect Background to your Beaver Builder website

By Priyanka · October 7, 2019

Do you ever get mesmerized by the beautiful, moving particle effects background on a website? What if you wanted to create the same for your Beaver Builder websites? Taking the web by storm, the particle effects background style not only highlights your websites’ appearance but also makes a great impression on your visitors. With the…

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Extend Beaver Builder Lite with this Free Plugin!

By Yashwardhan Rana · December 24, 2018

Beaver Builder Lite is one of the most powerful free Page Builders out there. With more than 500,000 active installs till date, this builder has surpassed every competitor regarding active installs. The Lite version of Beaver Builder comes with more than 8 different row layouts to work with including Sidebar rows. When it comes to…

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8 Things You Need to Know About Beaver Builder 2.2

By Yashwardhan Rana · July 11, 2018

Beaver Builder 2.2 is just around the corner and with a great update, comes excellent features! This huge feature update by the Beaver Builder folks is going to open up many new editing possibilities for the users and will offer much more customization. Here is a list of all the significant new features that will…

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How to Setup WooCommerce Store page with WooPack?

By Yashwardhan Rana · May 24, 2018

Having an aesthetic store page is one of the essential things of your Digital store. Your products must be arranged aesthetically and appealingly on the products page so that the users can quickly scan through them and select the one they want. Although WooCommerce comes with many customization options, it does lack somewhere when it…

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How to Create Dual Pricing Table with Beaver Builder?

By Yashwardhan Rana · May 21, 2018

Sometimes showing just a single pricing table is not enough. There may be scenarios where the business plans require showing monthly/annual/lifetime pricing plans for your product versions. What do you do in that case? Display two pricing tables on the same page? Or create two different sales pages? I too was stuck in this dilemma…

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Design a High Converting WooCommerce Checkout Page with Beaver Builder

By Yashwardhan Rana · February 1, 2018

Do you know that on an average 27% of US online shoppers have abandoned an order in the past quarter solely due to “too long/complicated checkout process”? (source: Baymard Institute) It means that out of every four customers, there is a possibility that you might be losing out on one, just because of a tedious and boring checkout…

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Introducing Animated Headlines: Impressive Headlines for Impressive Content

By Yashwardhan Rana · November 15, 2017

Today we are delighted to announce a new entrant to our PowerPack’s Module Family – Animated Headline. Now you can start creating impressive headings with amazing animations that will surely leave your visitors amazed. The Headline is as essential as the Content No matter how good your content is, if the title is not that…

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What’s new in Beaver Builder 2.0

By Yashwardhan Rana · November 2, 2017

The update that we all have been waiting for is finally here! That is right! Beaver Builder creators have recently announced the launch of the BB version 2.0 which has taken the Page Builder features and functionalities to a whole another level. Apart from the interface, there have been many other advancements and updates that have…

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Top 5 resources to get started with Beaver Builder

By Yashwardhan Rana · September 13, 2017

Beaver Builder is powerful, easy to use Page Builder plugin and loved by a lot of users. It’s getting better every day with the latest updates. It can be overwhelming sometimes to start with new tools. So, to solve that problem here we have the best resources for Beaver Builder. You can also follow these…

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Beaver Builder Lite Vs Pro: Detailed Comparison

By Yashwardhan Rana · July 30, 2017

Are you confused that whether you should go for Beaver Builder Free/Lite or  Beaver Builder Pro? Well, this post is going to answer all your queries and help you in making a more informed decision. What does it mean by Free/Lite and Pro? Lite is the free version available on, and the Pro is…

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