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Friday Freebie – 8 Free Pricing Table Presets for Beaver Builder

By Preeti · December 30, 2016

Welcome once again to our Friday Freebie series. Today, we have come up with something really new for you. We present in front of you 8 free Pricing Table presets. Nidhi & Ramesh, from our team, built these beautiful pricing tables using Beaver Builder’s Pricing Table module and custom CSS. You can choose amongst them…

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5 best free Backup Plugins for WordPress

By Preeti · December 30, 2016

Losing all data from your website almost sounds like a nightmare.  I am sure no one would want to dream of it even. There are many reasons behind this to happen. But certain things can be controlled. If you properly backup your WordPress database and files, you can quickly restore things back to normal. Regularly…

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Friday Freebie- Business SEO Marketing Template for Beaver Builder

By Preeti · December 23, 2016

Hope, you liked our first release of  Friday Freebie that started last Friday. Today, we bring you free Beaver Builder Page Template for a Digital Marketing & SEO business. We know, as a business owner you always get busy with your client projects and never get a time for your own site. This template will solve the problem for you.…

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Customer Spotlight : Chantal of 1 Day Webs

By Preeti · December 22, 2016

Today, we are excited to announce our new series – Customer Spotlight. This series is aimed at learning and sharing from designers, developers, business owners and Beaver Builder users. 🙂  It’s a simple Question & Answer series featuring our customers who share their experience on growing their business and developing their website using Beaver Builder along…

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Friday Freebie – Restaurant Page Template for Beaver Builder

By Preeti · December 16, 2016

Welcome to the first release of our Friday Freebie download. Check out every Friday for an opportunity to download a free template in this weekly series. Free Beaver Builder Page Template for Restaurants This free Beaver Builder page template is designed with a focus on improving conversions and content presentation for Restaurants, Coffee Shops, and other eating…

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A Lay Man’s Guide to WordPress Hooks & Beaver Builder Theme

By Puneet · November 20, 2016

Hooks are one of my favorite WordPress Features. It allows developers to easily extend the code. When I first started WordPress development, I had not idea what a “Hook” meant. So, here’s my post describing what a Hook means and how useful it is. What is a WordPress Hook? Instead of writing a technical jargon, I…

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3 Best Themes to use with Beaver Builder

By Puneet · November 5, 2016

Beaver Builder page builder plugin is built to work with all WordPress themes. But, finding the right WordPress theme is always a challenge. Best WordPress Themes for Beaver Builder Here are the top 3 WordPress themes that work best with Beaver Builder page builder plugin. These themes are well coded, light-weight, SEO friendly and easy…

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5 Free Beaver Builder Optin / Subscribe Form Module Presets

By Puneet · October 27, 2016

Beaver Builder offers an easy to use Subscribe Form module that can be used to build optin forms and connect with popular mailing services. The subscribe form has all the basic features but lacks some styling options. So, we built a few designs and are sharing the custom CSS code which you can re-use or modify as…

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10 Free Contact Form Module Presets for Beaver Builder

By Puneet · October 4, 2016

A beautiful, prominent contact form on your site can help you capture more leads. So, we decided to simplify this for you. Nidhi from our team, built these beautiful forms using Beaver Builder’s Form Module and custom CSS. You can pick the style that you like and copy the CSS. That’s all! Other than this,…

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How to Create a site-wide Popup Box with Beaver Builder & PowerPack

By Puneet · October 3, 2016

One of the best and unique features of PowerPack Beaver Builder addon is its Modal Popup Box module. This module allows you to create popup box on your site using Beaver Builder. This popup box can be used to display special offers, discounts, signup forms, contact form, page content, video etc. Creating a site-wide popup box can…

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