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How to add Off-Canvas Cart to the Header?

A great shopping experience is always incomplete without a beautiful and simple cart checkout. WooPack offers great functionality and ease of customization in its Off-Canvas Cart module. A question commonly asked to us while setting up Off-Canvas Cart is, “How to add it to the site Header so that the user always sees it?“.

Answering it in this how-to doc, we are going to add  Off-Canvas Cart to the Site Header by using Beaver Themer in 4 easy steps.

1.  Go to WP Dashboard > Beaver Builder > Themer Layouts > Add New or select any existing Header.

Beaver Themer Header Add

2. Name the header and set its display rules.

Beaver Themer Header

3. Click on Launch Beaver Builder to edit the Header.

4. Add the Off-Canvas Cart module to the Header, set it up according to the design, and save/publish the layout.

WooPack - Off-Canvas Cart in Header

Once published, you’ll see the beautiful Off-Canvas Cart in the site’s header.

WooPack - Off-Canvas Cart