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Custom shortcodes for Beaver Themer

WooPack brings custom field connection shortcodes for Beaver Themer that you can use to create a custom layout with Product Grid or Product Carousel.

Product Images

[wpbb post:woopack_product_images]


  • image_size – Provide registered image size. Default medium
  • image_slider – This will enable product images slider on hover. It only supports Product Grid module at the moment. Value yes or no
  • show_sale_badge – Display the sale badge on the image. Value yes or no


[wpbb post:woopack_product_images image_size='large' image_slider='yes' show_sale_badge='yes']

Product Rating

[wpbb post:woopack_product_rating]


  • show_rating – Show/Hide product rating. Default yes. Value yes or no
  • show_count – Show/Hide product reviews count. Default yes. Value yes or no
  • text_singular – Singular text for reviews count. For example, review
  • text_plural – Plural text for reviews count. For example, reviews


[wpbb post:woopack_product_rating show_count='no']

Add to Cart Button

[wpbb post:woopack_add_to_cart_button]


  • text – Provide a custom text for the button
  • qty_input – Enable/Disable the quantity input field. Value before_button, after_button, above_button, no
  • qty_style – Default or custom style. The default will use the style from theme and the custom will add -/+ buttons for quantity input
  • variation_fields – Decide whether to display variation inputs with product or not. Value yes or no


[wpbb post:woopack_add_to_cart_button text='Buy Now' qty_input='before_button' qty_style='custom' variation_fields='yes']

Quick View Button

[wpbb post:woopack_quick_view_button]


  • icon – Provide an HTML for custom icon
  • text – Provide a custom text for the button. Default Quick View
  • template – Whether to use default template or a custom template created through Beaver Themer. If it is a Beaver Themer template then provide the template ID


[wpbb post:woopack_quick_view_button icon='<i class="fa fa-eye"></i>']