A Lay Man’s Guide to WordPress Hooks & Beaver Builder Theme

By Puneet · November 20, 2016

Hooks are one of my favorite WordPress Features. It allows developers to easily extend the code. When I first started WordPress development, I had not idea what a “Hook” meant. So, here’s my post describing what a Hook means and how useful it is. What is a WordPress Hook? Instead of writing a technical jargon, I…

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How to Create a site-wide Popup Box with Beaver Builder & PowerPack

By Puneet · October 3, 2016

One of the best and unique features of PowerPack Beaver Builder addon is its Modal Popup Box module. This module allows you to create popup box on your site using Beaver Builder. This popup box can be used to display special offers, discounts, signup forms, contact form, page content, video etc. Creating a site-wide popup box can…

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How to Create Dual-Button CTA using Beaver Builder

By Puneet · September 18, 2016

Last week, I wrote about creating a call to action (CTA) button in header menu for Beaver Builder Theme. Following the series, today I would like to share a tip for creating dual button call to actions using Beaver Builder. Dual button Call to Action button is useful when you want to showcase your product and also offer…

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How to Create Call to Action Button in Header Menu – Beaver Builder Theme

By Puneet · September 14, 2016

Call to Action or CTA buttons are very important to boost conversions on your website. Because of the same reason, our Beaver Builder Templates have many prominent Call to Action blocks and forms. Adding a call to action button in header navigation is a common practice. A lot of websites, including our own site use the…

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How to Style Buttons in Beaver Builder Theme

By Puneet · September 10, 2016

Every time, I start working with any theme or plugin, I prefer to look under the hood. As a developer, I look for clean and documented code. This gives me an extra confidence in using the theme or plugin. Beaver Builder Theme is a well-built theme and I love it’s performance, clean code and theme options. Unlike other…

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How to add Row Separator using Beaver Builder

By Puneet · August 3, 2016

Row separator is a new design trend and it looks very good. PowerPack Beaver Builder addon comes with a bunch of creative Row Separators that you can add with  a few clicks. In this tutorial, I will be sharing details about how you can add these row separators and style them. Adding Row Separator Row separator can be…

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[How To] Build a One Page Website with Beaver Builder

By Puneet · July 25, 2016

One page websites are in-demand these days. A great advantage of  a one-page site is that you can  keep it to the point. It’s good if you offer services where you don’t want to confuse the users with various options. In this tutorial, I am going to share how you can build a one-page site with…

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How to manage Modules in Beaver Builder

By Puneet · June 20, 2016

With the fast growing ecosystem of Beaver Builder modules, it becomes important to keep the modules section manageable and organized. The PowerPack addon currently offers 35+ Beaver Builder modules at the moment. These custom modules will help users to speed up their web development process. If you use add-ons from more than one developer or build your own…

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