Announcing the launch of PowerPack Addon for Beaver Builder

Last updated October 13, 2016 · Puneet

The day has come and I am thrilled to announce the launch of PowerPack Beaver Builder Add-on. PowerPack has been in works for the last 2 weeks. After endless efforts, working around the clock, testing the features and finalize everything we are ready to launch the plugin today.

What is PowerPack Beaver Builder Add-on?

PowerPack is simply the best Beaver Builder add-on. It’s a set of custom, creative and unique modules for Beaver Builder. These add-ons will help you build your site faster than ever. For Version 1.0.0 we have built the following add-ons. You can click each of these links to view the demo.

  1. Gravity Forms
  2. Testimonial Slider
  3. Row Separator
  4. Smart Banner
  5. Info List
  6. Info Box
  7. Flip Box
  8. Highlight Box


Update: We now have 35+ modules & 120+ row and page templates which cover almost all aspects of a website. Head over to the Home Page for more details about all the add-ons and reviews about PowerPack.

Will so many modules slow down my site?

Not at all. PowerPack Beaver Builder add-on is built with performance in mind. So, you won’t see any code bloat. All the code is compiled on the go when you use a particular module. If you don’t use any module that means there’s no extra coded added to your site. We hate slow websites as much as you do.

Who’s the developer / team behind this?

Ok. Let me introduce myself. I am Puneet Sahalot, a WordPress fanatic, coach and theme developer. I run a WP design and development agency – IdeaBox Creations based in the beautiful city of Udaipur, India. We are a small team of designers and developers who love WordPress.

We have been in business for more than 4 years and have spent every day working with WordPress. We bring along our experience of building complex plugins and websites, all powered by WordPress.

Why did we build this?

After using Beaver Builder for a couple of client sites, we realized that something was missing and could be improved. While a lot can be done with Beaver Builder and the possibilities are endless, we figured that it was time-consuming. Creating a banner or call to action section on the site included several clicks and drag & drop actions.

To fix this, we built some custom modules for our clients. Clients loved it because it was much easier for them to control the styling and content. They had complete flexibility and were managing everything from a single module.

So, we thought, why not build out a set of modules that can be used by everyone? That’s how PowerPack for Beaver Builder was born!

What’s the future of PowerPack?

The future is bright. We have a clear roadmap of the modules that we will be working on. We will be accepting feature requests from Beaver Builder users and make sure that the essential ones get covered.

Since this is the first release of PowerPack Beaver Builder add-on, we will be quick to roll out fixes reported by users.

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