Page Builder Framework Review Review – A WordPress Theme Built for Page Builders

Last updated January 31, 2018 · Yashwardhan Rana

Are you confused about which theme or framework to get for your page builder and what features to look for? This article will answer all your questions.

Choosing a good theme is not easy these days. Just having a page builder will not guarantee you full customization power. You will require a theme that offers great customization for the header, footer and other parts of the page except for the content area. The content area can be quickly taken care of by your Page builder.

The Page Builder Framework for WordPress

The Page Builder Framework for WordPress (WBPF) is a masterpiece that works great with all page builders and gives you full control of your website. You can completely customize your header, footer, sidebars and many other elements. Let’s look into all the impressive features it offers.

WordPress Page Builder Framework Features

Here is a list of all the features that the WPBF offers. We will look into each of the features individually.

General Settings

The General Settings offers a lot of customization for your website. You can change the layout of your site, modify the background, and choose from an image or a color option. With the blog settings, you can change the look and layout of the archive pages individually.

In addition you can create customizable social media icons which can be displayed anywhere on your website using the [social] shortcode.


The WPBF lets you set the typography for every heading as well as text individually without facing any coding issue. It’s all toggle and selection friendly. For each one, Text, Menu, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, you can make extensive changes.

Here are the changes that you can make:

  • You can change the Font-Family and its variant from the drop down list.
  • Changing the Text Color and Bold Text color can be easily done here.
  • You can modify the Line Height just by dragging the slider to increase and decrease.
  • Moving the Letter Spacing slider will change the Spacing between the letters.
  • You can even set the Text for the Titles or headings to transform them to Uppercase.

Responsive Font Sizes

You can make your font work by the screen that they are being displayed on (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile). You can make all these changes to almost of the text types listed above without touching a single line of code. Every heading, as well as every text, can be set to resize according to the size of the screen, the user is using to visit the website!

Header Settings

This is where the WPBF really shines and stands out from its competition. The Header settings allow you to control all of the elements of your website header, including:

  • Logo – You can modify and customize the logo of your site including the image size, logo url and more. You can also display a different logo on the sticky navigation. This is ideal for websites that are using a transparent header.
  • Navigation – The navigation allows you to make changes to the elements such as menu, seach icon, menu height, menu item spacing, background, font & hover color.
  • Sticky Navigation – customize the look of your sticky navigation including: logo, background, font & hover color, menu-height, animation (fade-in, slide down) and box shadow.
  • Mobile Navigation – There is a separate mobile navigation section that you can alter just to ensure how your website looks on a mobile menu. You can set the font size, font color, background color, background color hover, and the border color as well.

Footer Settings

The footer is necessary to the page, yet it cannot be edited with any page builder, so the WPBF offers footer customization. If you want a sticky footer, you can have that too with simple toggle operation. If you want to create a custom footer within the page builder, you can hide the themes footer. You would then create a global row and populate it throughout the website by using one of the built in hooks of the Page Builder Framework.

If not, you can stick to the 2 column footer and customize it to your needs.

Canvas Push Menus

Canvas menu is an excellent way to turn your customer focus on your content and give more space for the content as well. When you choose this menu style, the user can collapse and expand the menu by just clicking on the hamburger logo placed at the top right or the left corner of the page.

The Child Theme Generator

Anyone can generate a child theme by using the Child Theme Generator. This tool effortlessly creates a child theme, and with just three steps you can start with the project. Just fill out the form, download the child theme and then upload and start with the project!

Theme Settings at the back-end

Settings Tab

Settings tab has two options. First one is to make the page full width on the global basis. Checking this will make the page to stick end to end or make it full-width sitewide. The second option will help you in removing the title from the pages.

Performance Tab

Performance tab will let you clean up your head area. You can remove feed links, RSD, wlwmanifest, generator, short links, emojis, embeds, jQuery migrate, and RSS feeds.

White Labeling

You can easily white label your theme with the built in options. This is great for those who use the child theme generator and will allow you to completely white label the theme for your project.

White labeling the framework is as simple as going to the theme settings, filling in the necessary fields and clicking save. Voilà! You now have a custom branded theme for your website project!

5 Reasons to use WPBF with Beaver Builder

Here are the reasons why WPBF is a perfect fit for Beaver Builder Plugin.

  • The Super user Control – If you want to make full use of the Beaver Builder, then the WPBF will be the best sidekick to it as the Page Builder Framework has loads of functionality to start.
  • Beginner Friendly – Just like the Beaver Builder, WPBF is easy enough for a beginner to use.
  • Ultimate Header Customization – While Beaver Builder can take care of the content area, the WPBF will handle the Header customization.
  • Compatibility – Both, Beaver Builder and the WordPress Page Builder Theme are impeccably compatible with each other, so there is no compatibility issue.
  • Beaver Themer Ready –  The Framework is compatible with Beaver Themer addon.

Click here to get your copy of WPBF Theme.

Do you want more Customization Power with the Beaver Builder and the WPBF Theme?

You can get more than 250-page templates and row templates and more than 50 modules for your website to work with and increase the customization possibilities by getting the fantastic Beaver Builder PowerPack Addon today! You would not believe the scale of customization you will get with this plugin! This addon will set a higher standard for your Beaver Builder and give you more power!

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  1. Michele Holley on August 1, 2017 at 2:13 pm

    How is this different and/or better than the Beaver Builder Theme and Child Theme?

    • Puneet on August 1, 2017 at 11:00 pm

      Hi Michele,

      There are several features and functionalities which are not available in BB Theme. For e.g. the Off Canvas Menu and Responsive Font sizes are a few to mention.
      We will be doing a detailed comparison of BB theme and WPBF in coming weeks. Hopefully, that will answer your question in detail.


      • Michael on October 18, 2017 at 9:55 pm

        I would like to see that comparison.

    • Grant on August 12, 2017 at 7:07 am

      Hey Michele! I use to use BB theme and switched to WPBF, simply because the focus of WPBF is more focused on helping someone like me. I am not a developer, so I always needed help with some items, such as the header, footer, etc. WPBF is excellent for this. :). There is a free demo where you can test it out too!

  2. David McCan on August 2, 2017 at 4:06 pm

    Nice overview. Thank you.

    I recently switched a site to WPBF and the theme was very easy to work with and the author was helpful when I had a problem.

    @Michele – I haven’t used BB theme, so I haven’t compared them directly, but price is also a difference. WPBF is available on its own and has a lifetime option, while the BB theme is only available in the BB Pro and Agency packages.

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